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University of Bucharest

Bachelor in Computer Science.

Admitted as part of the performance group.
Latest GPA 10/10.

October 2019 - June 2022

Grigore Moisil High School

Computer Science and Mathematics


September 2015 - June 2019


Software Engineer

  • Involved in designing and implementing features for their mobile app, Estimator using Quasar. Created 4 Web Applications that needed both frontend and backend solutions, and implement features such as online payments and email automatization.

Aug-Sept 2019, Brasov, Romania

Projects and Learning opportunities

  • Subscriptions App: Developed and released a mobile app in Flutter, that helps users keep track of their subscriptions by notifying them when billing date approaches. The app has over 700 downloads to date with 5.0 rating. It can be found on AppStore and Google Play as Subscriptions Manager.
  • Chess Game: • Created a chess game using C++ where the computer can predict the next best move using Stockfish. With over 10.000 lines of code and applied Object-Oriented concepts such as Design Patterns, the project helped us get an A+ in the OOP class.
  • FTSE Predictions App: During the Hackaton for London Stock Exchange Group, my team created a mobile app that can generate the impact of news on stock prices and can predict how a tweet may impact a company's economy. For this app, we have used Flutter for front-end and Python with Django for the back-end. In order to retrieve data, we used multiple api such as Google News and Alpha Vantage.
  • Number Recognition: Gained experience with python by creating a simple neuronal network algorithm that uses trained perceptrons to recognize a drawn number.
  • Developed a 2D iOS game using C# with Xamarin, where 2 players can fight in the virtual space with rockets.

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  • Volunteer at ASMI, a student organization which is involved in all University related projects (November 2020).
  • Volunteered at UEFA Euro 2020 Final Tournament Draw as part of the accreditation team (November 2019).
  • Volunteered at Engage tutoring 3 middle school students and helping them with their homework (2016 - 2018).

Honors and awards

  • Mention - Catalyst's 33rd round (Timisoara - online) 2020.
  • Accumulated 20,547,298 points in the Google's Hashcode competition round 2020.
  • Gold Medal - London's Stock Exchange Hackaton 2019 ( team of 3 ), Bucharest, Romania 2019
  • Silver Medal - International ACSL contest ( team of 5 ), New Jersey, US 2019
  • Participation - Regional Olympiad of Computer Science, Brasov, Romania 2019
  • Bronze Medal - Prosoft National Round, Piatra Neamt, Romania 2019
  • Mention - Infoeducatie National Round, Galaciuc, Romania 2019
  • Many other prizes and awards at regional programming and project-based contests.

  • Algorithms, Problem-Solving, Data Structures, OOP and Design.
  • Proficient in C++ and Python.
  • Experienced with Flutter, Git and Web Development ( Javascript, NodeJS, Php and SQL )
  • Basic knowledge of C#, Bash and Linux Systems.

Currently studying Computer Science at the University of Bucharest with full interest in learning opportunities as I want to discover companies and methods of working in teams.
I love to create complex and finished products from which I can learn, but imagining myself in a group of devoted people. By involving myself in various contests, part-timed jobs, and non-profit activities I have managed to raise my self-confidence, learning techniques, and skills.